Led Filament XXL Light Bulb | Granddad Squirrelcage Bulb E27

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Oversized XXL LED Filament Light Bulb Grandad Led Squirrelcage Bulb

Retro light bulb modelled on the carbon filament lamp with the characteristic squirrelcage filament. Adopting this into the modern world was made possible by Led filament technology.

Color: clear
Dimensions: Width: 90mm, Height: 225mm
Tension: 230 volts
Performance: 10 Watt
Dimmable: Yes with LED dimmer (Notes on dimming LED lamps)
Socket: E27
Luminous flux: 470 lumen
Color temperature: 2200 Kelvin
CRI > 95
Lifespan: approx. 20000 hours
Energy Consumption: 10 kWh/1000h
Number of switching cycles: > 100000
Energy Efficiency Rating:

A (energy efficiency classes: from A++ (very efficient) to E (less efficient))

Country of origin: China


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