We are Edisson

We are fans of beautiful lighting fixtures and elegant lamps. We tirelessly search out there for products with which you can make your home even more comfortable. It is important to us that our products meet the latest and highest quality standards. To this end, we seek contact with selected manufacturers, workshops and suppliers - if possible from our vicinity.

Matthias Niedermann, Edisson Team
Matthias Niedermann

Daniel Reichlin, Edisson Team Daniel Reichlin



LED filament lamps can be handed in free of charge at drop-off points for electronic waste.


A dimmer can significantly extend the life of the decorative light bulbs. All decorative light bulbs can be dimmed. Marked LED filament bulbs can also be dimmed - not all dimmers can dim LED bulbs. Flickering of LED bulbs is often noticeable when the load falls below the specified minimum. We can not guarantee the functioning. 

Shipping to EU countries

We are happy to ship our products to Germany and Austria. The delivery costs are CHF 28.-. From an order value of CHF 175.- we deliver the products free of shipping costs, fees and customs duties may apply.


We offer the following warranty periods on our products:
- Pendant lamps and table lamps: 24 months
- LED filament lamps: 18 months
- Decorative light bulbs: 90 days

General information

Due to the manufacturing process, scratches in the glass bulb of the bulb cannot be excluded.